Hurricane Dorian Bahamas Relief Effort

​​We are collecting donations (both monetary and physical) to support the Bahamas Dorian relief.  We are partnering with Sundowners Flying Club of Fort Myers, who will be flying in collected relief supplies to those in desperate need in the Bahamas.  The pilots are donating their time and planes for this mission.  Our own Dr. Robert Murdoch is Vice President of Sundowners and we are dedicated to assist in collecting the much needed supplies.

We have listed items needed below but it is not limited to these items.  Think about what you would need if you were in their shoes.

We have also set up a GoFundMe page for monetary donations. ​ .  All money collected will go to pay for fuel for the planes and/or to purchase supplies needed for their recovery. 

This will be a long, arduous task for the people of the Bahamas and this is only the first step. There are many things currently in flux and we will adapt as we receive more information but rest assured, all donations will be directed to the Bahama Relief. We are humbled to do whatever small part we can to make a difference in their recovery.  Please help us help them.  

If you have items you wish to donate to this cause, they can be dropped off at A Holistic Approach Center,  15971 McGregor Blvd.  Fort Myers, FL.  Please call 239-433-5995 prior to bringing in the donation or if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. 

Cindy and Robert  


Water Filtration Kits                      Extension Cords
Work Gloves                                 Gas Cans
Duct Tape                                     Tarps
Hammers & Nails                          Battery Operated Fans
Batteries                                        Flashlights
Bug Spray                                     Mosquito Nets 
Clean Blankets                             Cleaning Supplies
Hygiene Products                         Baby Supplies

​Pet Food                                       OTC Medical Supplies 
Solar Phone Chargers                  Phone Battery Packs
Air Mattresses                              Trash Bags
Disinfecting Wipes                        Sunscreen
Plastic Tubs                                  Camping Lights (Solar & Battery)
Coolers                                         Paper Supplies 
Hand Sanitizers                            Masks
Wipes                                           Clean Functional Clothing