Is the floor just not for you?
‚ÄčThen let's talk Chair Yoga!

The fact is, sitting and/or lying on the floor is not for everyone. If, for whatever reason, you have shied away from yoga because you prefer the floor meet only your feet, then Health & Harmony's Chair Yoga classes may "sit" well with you.

Chair Yoga is a gentle form of yoga utilizing one, sometimes two, chairs rather than a mat. You might find yourself sitting on the chair performing modified poses, or asanas, or simply standing next to it for support.

For most asanas, the basic body mechanics remain unchanged so you reap the same benefits as those practicing other yoga styles - improved muscle tone and flexibility, better body awareness, less stress, improved sleep and well being.

As in other yoga styles, you are taught deep breathing techniques in Chair Yoga. These techniques help to fully oxygenate your body, improve your energy and your mental clarity. Pain and anxiety are reduced.

What you learn in class can easily be practiced at home as no special chair is needed. Lastly, Chair Yoga is all about adaptability and so lends itself to creativity. You'll never be bored.  

Chair yoga will resume in the fall!

‚ÄčChair Yoga Fees:
Drop-in: $13
5 Class Package: $55
10 Class Package: $100
15 Class Package: $145

Chair Yoga