From Leon Favreau: Partnership-In-Healing is a unique healing modality that partners hand-off energy work with spiritual information. The energy and information that clients are introduced to is theirs to call on if and when they wish. There are times that spontaneous healing takes place during a session, but more often it is up to the client to become a partner in their own healing and use what they have been given as they wish. This can take time but the rewards can be outstanding, proving to the client they are the powerful beings of light they were created to be. Many illnesses and conditions involve not only the physical, but emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well. The Partnership-In-Healing process, with the client’s participation, can involve all of these levels.

​​The Favreau's have developed a unique form of energy work called Partnership-In-Healing. During a session with them you lie comfortably and completely clothed while Leon does hands off energy work. As a spiritual channel, Suzie sits nearby and receives information of a positive nature. 

Used together, the energy and the information optimize the opportunity for healing on physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual levels. You may sink into a meditative state during your session and/or you may experiences sensations in and around you. The purpose is to use healing energy to remove energy blocks. 

Benefits may be immediately felt but can also unfold over the days and weeks following your session. Post session, you have the opportunity to discuss your experience and your intuitive reading with both Leon and Suzie.

Partnership-In-Healing Fees:  
1-Hour Session: $100 

Partnership-In-Healing with Leon & Suzie Favreau