Why schedule a private yoga session when Health & Harmony offers so many classes each week?

We each come to yoga with a unique history and often the best way to honor our history is with a private session. A one-on-one setting allows for more direct hands-on assistance with well-trained teachers to meet your individual needs and desires. Some may:

-  Need a sequence of poses addressing a specific ailment or challenge

-  Want help developing a personal home practice and/or strengthening weaker areas

-  Need personal attention as physical limitations don’t allow attending a class

-  Require modification of poses that don’t fit well in a class setting

-  Prefer the privacy and depth a one-on-one class allows

-  Have personal and/or work schedules that conflict with our class schedules

We often receive inquiries about private classes and so have put together a short FAQ. Please call us at 239-243-8423 to discuss how a private yoga session or sessions can be customized for you or for you and your friends.

Fee:  $85 per hour

1.  What are issues more easily dealt with in a private class?
There are yoga sequences for a wide range of ailments and issues. Some of the most common are low back back, knee pain, insomnia, menstrual challenges, scoliosis, depression and anxiety.

2.  Where does a private class take place?
A private class is taught either in your residence or at Health & Harmony.

3.  Are private classes expensive?
A single private class averages $85 per hour at Health & Harmony. Small groups and home calls can be more. Additionally, because we can customize private sessions to meet your particular needs, we can create packages to your financial benefit.

4.   Do all of your instructors teach private classes?

Email AHA@AHolisticApproachCenter.com or call us at 239-433-5995 to discuss how
a private yoga session, or sessions, can be customized for you and/or you and your friends.

Why Take a Private Yoga Class?