Conditions Benefiting From QE
Head Injuries - Learning Disabilities - Structural Issues
Sports Injuries - Whiplash - Lower Back Pain & Sciatica
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Knee Pain - Fatigue
Improved Immune Response - Colic
Failure to Thrive - Hyperactivity & ADD
​Toxic Reactions - Pain Associated with Cancer ​

and much more!

Quantum Energetics (QE)

This powerful work has been found to have profound and lasting results.

QE has a "language" similar to Morse code or a signed language for getting answers from the body about which conditions are present and what should be done. This language consists of thousands of numerical codes that are used with muscle testing to get "yes" or "no" answers from the body. 

If the testing indicates a disturbance in the energy’s blueprint, the energy flowing to an area, organ, muscle, etc., is diminished and/or disrupted. This causes symptoms. 

Lasting about an hour, a QE session begins with a consultation with your practioner. He/she then uses applied kinesiology, commonly known as muscle testing, to determine your session’s direction.

The muscle testing and codes provide the information needed to “repair” the energy disruption. While clothed, you lie on a massage table and the practitioner places his or her hands on your body using specific and gentle holds. Occasionally you’ll be asked to breathe in a certain fashion. 

Because QE honors the order of healing our bodies innately follow, each session is different. Your body knows what it needs and directs the course of the work. 

QE is deeply relaxing. We advise you to keep the remaining of your day light after a QE treatment as your body continues to heal itself.

​To learn more about QE, visit Quantum Energetics Healing.

QE Fees:
Initial 90-Minute Session:  $120
1-Hour Subsequent Sessions: