Conditions Benefiting from RTR
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Anxiety - Guilt
Panic Attacks - Phobias - Jealousy - Shame 
Heartbreak/Ongoing Grief - Resentment/Anger  
Improved Performance in Sports, School or Business
Weight Management - Eating Disorders 
Sleep Problems/Nightmares - Sexual Abuse
Emotional Abuse - Obsessions & Compulsions  
A Troubling Event Continuing to Haunt
Bypassing Addiction Relapses  
Self Destructive Behavior -  Depression
​Resolving Issues Contributing to Medical Problems

Rapid Trauma Resolution differs from traditional approaches to psychotherapeutic treatment. Developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, this unique therapy is based on the fact that the part of our mind causing emotional responses doesn't respond to reason. To encourage change, it makes better sense to communicate with the emotional brain in the language it does understand. 

Any trauma can be considered a block that stops the mind from clearing undesired emotions and reprocessing past memories. Traditional approaches to treating trauma require the client to experience emotions while reliving the trauma. This may be a lengthy and painful process. RTR does not require this step.

Instead, you and your therapist create a positive space where you feel safe and connected to the present moment. A symbolic image of your desired goal is created and together you work towards clearing the subconscious, emotional mind so desired change is possible. New associations are made using humor, playful banter and metaphors to quickly create painless emotional shifts. 

You may even have fun during the process!

Although every session is different and customized to the unique needs of the client, there are a few basics. 

Each session last 60 minutes. During the first session, you become acquainted with your therapist and identify what thoughts, emotions or behaviors you wish changed. Attention is then put on the outcome - your defined goal. Every technique used is designed to support you reaching your goal. ​Each subsequent session continues to clear the mind, helping you go where you are joyful!  

RTR Fees:
1-Hour: $100

Rapid Trauma Resolution (RTR)