There are 35 million Americans over the age of 65 who account for 60% of this country's total healthcare costs. 85% of that 35 million suffer from AT LEAST one chronic health condition. Barriers standing in the way of exercise are fear of injury or intolerance from others, discomfort in health clubs/gym environments, & lack of time.

Dan's focus will be on the older population, as well as those with compromised health issues who are interested in a healthier & more productive lifestyle. During the four week class, Dan will access, educate and teach the proper and safe way to get in shape.

Physiological benefits to increased activity are:
**Profound impact on the nervous system, improving reaction time and balance.
**Musculoskeletal improvements have a significant effect on bone mass & joint stability. Previously sedentary adults can increase muscle mass, strength, power & endurance with regular exercise. 
**Exercise can dramatically reduce your risk of Coronary Heart Disease and high blood pressure.  Regular exercise will improve your quality of life, your self-image, social life, as well as increasing your sense of independence & self-esteem.
Come bounce back in your step!!

Three Options to meet your needs:

Intro to Senior Fitness - 4 week series:

This 4 week series is designed for those who want a step by step introduction to senior fitness.  It focuses on education, strength and balance.  It is the perfect first step to get back into fitness and as a stepping stone to the ongoing beginners Adults Fitness classes.  The next series begins Dec. 6th and held four consecutive Fridays from 2:30 - 3:45.

Beginners Adult Fitness classes:

These are ongoing weekly classes held on Monday and Fridays from 1p-2p,  They are geared towards people who are at entry level of physical fitness.  These classes will active and educational... and fun!

Intermediate Adult Fitness classes:

These ongoing classes are designed for those who are a more advanced in their physical fitness routine but need personal attention to style and technique as well as education about best way to achieve their goals.  These weekly classes are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1p - 2p,

For questions on which options may be perfect for you, please contact us.

Drop-in: $13
5 Class Package: $55
10 Class Package: $100
15 Class Package: $145

4 Week series -  $75


To register for a class, call 239-433-5995 or email

Dan Mahoney received his training from the Athletic and Fitness Association of American & the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He has his certification as a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Senior Fitness Specialist. His expertise and personal attention will teach people the correct and safe way to gain strength and balance.  

Certified Group and Senior Fitness Instrutor

Senior/Adult Fitness with Dan Mahoney