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​Exercise has proven the single best way to reduce the risk of falling. To help prevent you from taking a tumble, Health & Harmony’s Sondra Dansby has developed Tai Chi Tune-Up: 8 Forms for Balance, Concentration, Coordination & Fun! 

Sondra developed these unique classes after becoming certified in Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance™, an evidence-based fall prevention program developed by the Oregon Research Institute. She saw ways in which the program could be adapted for herself and others while still emphasizing weight shifting, postural alignment, and coordinated movements with synchronized breathing. Tai Chi Tune-Up significantly improves strength, balance, and physical functioning.

Intended for people who can easily walk without help, the basic program consists of a warm up, a simple 8-form routine with variations, a subroutine of integrated movements, and a cool down. There is a progression of difficulty with chair-supported progressions for those requiring it. Participants are also taught exercises to practice at home.

The movements are specifically intended to improve posture and stability, control of body position, gait initiation and locomotion, coordination of movement, range of motion around ankle joints, and lower extremity strength.

Weekly Tai Chi Tune-Up Fees:

Wednesdays from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Drop-in: $13
5 Class Package: $55
10 Class Package: $100
15 Class Package: $145

1.  How do I know I need Tai Chi Tune-Up?

Any senior can benefit from this program but especially those with a history of falls, leg weakness, joint stiffness, abnormal gait or walking difficulties.

2.  Do I need special clothing?

You need only wear loose clothing you are comfortable in.

3.  Is special equipment needed?

You need only a chair which is provided.

4. How large is the class?
Generally classes are kept to 8-14 people.

5. What can I expect from class?
You can expect to learn something new and useful while surrounded by your peers and a supportive teacher determined to help you become stronger, feel better and make you laugh!

6. What other benefits can I expect?
Participants have reported better flexibility and mobility, improved sleep, reduced blood pressure, less feelings of isolation, and better daily functioning with an enhanced sense of well-being and self esteem. 

Tai Chi Tune-Up