Join us for this 2 hour Workshop where you will not only learn, but experience the power of the Breath. Stimulate The Natural Healing Powers of the Mind/Body System

Practicing this breathwork will create a strong foundational base of awareness that directly benefits our yogas, our pranayamas, our meditations and all other activities and practices of life.

When our breath is closed or restricted we literally cut ourselves off from the flow of Life.

 Would YOU like more JOY in your Life?
In this NEW Transformational Breath Workshop 
we'll open up to greater flows of JOY!

 This workshop includes:

Quick review of the Transformational Breath® 

One volunteer Breath  Analysis

Set intentions for the  breathing session.  

1 full hour of JOY Breath 

Q & A and discussion

•Reduces worry and anxiety
•Enhance awareness of self-sabotaging patterns
•Clears past traumas and dramas
•Increases enJOYment of Life


"AHHMAAZing is just one word (of many) to describe my session with Alva. The energy from stuck emotions, trauma, surgeries and heartache was brought to the surface and released. These sessions teach you how to release the negative so the fullness of the breathe can flow properly through the body. The vibrational awareness experienced by one's body is absolutely incredible. There is NO question...Alva has found her calling!"    A.B.

Experience why Transformational Breath® IS the Cutting Edge of Breathwork and such an effective technique to promote Health & Vitality and to Relieve Stress and Anxiety!

For more information on Transformation Breath, click here.

Saturday, Aug 4

1:00p - 3:00p

 Please Bring with you:
One pillow 
A journal and pen

Please pre-register
239-433-5995 or email

Alva Marie

with Alva Marie

Transformational Breath Workshop