Trigger points are tiny contraction knots that develop when a muscle is injured or overworked. They are common in the human body and can cause a surprising level of pain. Often they are areas of chronic holding. Trigger Point Therapy "unlocks" the contraction mechanism, lengthening and softening the muscle. 

A session begins with your practitioner discovering your body's trigger points - particularly those on the head, neck, shoulders, back and hip. Using their hands, fists, elbows or various tools, your therapist applies pressure directly on and around each trigger point to "deactivate" it.  A certain level of discomfort is to be expected but your therapist will always lighten the pressure upon your request. Once trigger points within a muscle are released, the muscle is then moved through its full range of motion.

You may feel relief after only one session but as trigger points are often long standing, it may take several sessions for your pain to be resolved. Even long- standing chronic conditions can be significantly improved in as little as six weeks. 

It is important to drink plenty of water post session. This helps alleviate any discomfort experienced by your body's efforts to dissolve toxins released into your bloodstream by the session.

You can also expect:

~  Some soreness within 48 hours of your session

~  Possible fatigue as a muscle returns to normal tone

~  Possible increase in energy as a muscle returns to normal tone

~  Shift in pain patterns due to shifts in musculature

~  Relief of symptoms you weren't expecting treatment for

Trigger Point Fees:
1-Hour: $85
1.5 Hour: $120

A 1.5 hour appointment is suggested for your first trigger point session.

For longer times and for home visits please call AHA! at 239-433-5995.
​Meet our Trigger Point Therapists,
Lauren Jump
(MA#41623), Laura Dasta (MA#59019)

and Cathy Cola (MA#25622).

Trigger Point Therapy