What is it?
The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable yet simple weight loss program pioneered in the UK by the internationally renowned clinical hypnotherapist, Sheila Granger. The Virtual Gastric Band is a non-surgical technique using the power of hypnosis to retrain you to be satisfied with smaller amounts of food. It changes how you think about food, convincing the brain the stomach is full after a certain point. The results are safe and predictable.

It is NOT a diet. You eat what you want, but will eat smaller portions without feeling deprived, miserable or hungry - the issues causing diets to fail. As The Virtual Gastric Band effectively negates these issues, you now possess a long term solution to your weight fluctuations.

Can you benefit from The Virtual Gastric Band? Are you...

◊  Wishing to avoid surgical techniques?
◊  Looking to re-establish your positive body image?
◊  Open to changing your attitude towards food?
◊  Clear that dieting most often only works short term?
◊  Wishing to forever leave dieting behind?
◊  Struggling to lose those last few pounds?
◊  Joyful and excited to control what, how, where, and when you eat?

What can I expect?
The program consists of four 1-hour sessions. To change a habit, it takes 29 days and that is the commitment needed for the success of The Virtual Gastric Band. A short phone interview is conducted to be sure you are a good candidate for the program.

You can expect roughly 30 minutes of talk and 30 minutes of hypnosis during each session.  The virtual (imaginary) operation to place The Virtual Gastric Band is done in the first session. A support audio is provided for daily use.

Generally the first three sessions are held consecutively and the fourth session occurs later when a booster will be helpful. A personalized audio file will be provided at that time. 

The Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band Program fee is $450 and includes: phone
consultation, 4 sessions, book & 
2 support audio files.

If follow up sessions are needed due to more complex eating disorders or the amount of weight to be lost, hourly sessions are available.