Yoga Q  & A  ​
​for New Students

 ​1.  What is yoga?

Translated from Sanskrit, yoga's means to join or to yoke. It is a 5000 year old art, science and philosophy.

2.  If I’ve never done yoga can I still come to class?

Yes. Our instructors are trained to help beginners and we've classes especially for new students.

 3.  What style of yoga is best?

The best style for you is the one making you smile, breathe and relax. At Health & Harmony, we follow both Alignment and B.K.S. Iyengar methodology. Both focus on proper alignment.

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 4.  What if I'm not flexible?

Then yoga is for you! One purpose of attending class is to stretch and strengthen your body. You’ll notice a difference in your flexibility in a relatively short amount of time.

 5.  Will yoga help me lose weight?
Any weight loss is usually the result of yoga’s impact on your thoughts about health, your body and the life style changes you choose to make.

 6.  Can I do yoga even if I have a number of old injuries?
Certainly. But, always tell your instructor of any injuries - old or recent – so that he/she can make any needed adjustments for you.

 7.  Can I practice yoga while I’m pregnant?
Yes, but some poses are contraindicated. Your instructor will modify certain poses for you and ask that you refrain from attempting certain others. If you’re pregnant, we suggest you call us so we can guide you into the class that best suits you.

 8.  Is there an age limit?
 If you are under 18, we must also have the signature of your parent or guardian on file.

 9. Do I pre-register before coming to class?
Pre-registering is helpful but drop-in’s are always welcome.

10.  What should I wear?
Wear something you’re comfortable working out in. If arriving in street clothes, you can change in our restrooms.

11.  Do I need special equipment?
You may wish to purchase your own mat and props and we have these items for sale in our retail shop. However, at Health & Harmony we offer these items for your use at no charge. They’re cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

12. Should I eat before class?
It’s best to not eat an hour or two before class. Always begin class well hydrated.